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Philosophy of Photography (UK): In Favour of Heroines, Lincoln Clarkes Vancouver Photographs; Kelly Wood, Dec. 2013 (San Francisco, USA), downloadable pdf: Imagine the Invisible, Naming Suffering: Lincoln Clarkes, Photography and the Women of Downtown Eastside Vancouver, Paul Ugor

VICE: Lincoln Clarkes’s Vintage Photographs of Vancouver’s Female Addicts Are Incredible; Nadja Sayej, Nov. 18, 2013

Huffington Post (USA): These Photos Of Female Heroin Addicts Reveal The Power Of Addiction (NSFW) Nov. 11, 2013

Daily Mail (London, England): Harrowing face of addiction: Photographer captures the crumbling beauty of women heroin junkies… including five who fell victim to Canada’s notorious pig farm serial killer; Nov. 27, 2013

The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, USA): Light and Darkness in Canada; John Glionna, June 1, 2013

The Guardian (London, UK): Macabre portraits haunt nation; Christopher Reed, June 8, 2003

Scottish Word Image Group (Dundee, Scotland): Failing the Feminine: Photographed Words in Lincoln Clarkes’ Heroines, Nancy Pedri

Dattualita la Republica (Italy): La fotodenuncia: i ritratti delle donne eroinomani di Vancouver; Frederico Biserni

Beautiful Decay: Lincoln Clarkes’ Female Heroin Addicts; Victoria Casal-Data, Nov. 27, 2013 Lincoln Clarkes Auction Results

Taipei Times (Taiwan): Photographer’s pictures of junkies show last images of victims of serial killer; June 8, 2003

National Links

Georgia Straight (Vancouver): Lincoln Clarkes: Giving Notice reveals hybrid aesthetic; Robin Laurence, Aug. 19, 2014

Globe and Mail (Canada): Cycle chic: Style on two wheels; Samantha Grice, May, 3, 2013

The Georgia Straight (Vancouver): Lincoln Clarkes turns his lens on Toronto’s Cyclists;Robin Laurence; Oct. 2, 2013

HuffPost British Columbia: Lincoln Clarkes’ ‘Heroines’ On Display At Vancouver Museum

Northern Electric (Vancouver, BC): VIEWS Lincoln Clarkes Photographs

Anvil Press (Vancouver): Heroines: The Photographs of Lincoln Clarkes

Quattro Books (Toronto): Cyclists

Woodsquat (Vancouver): The Hero of Heroines, Photographs by Lincoln Clarkes; Margot Leigh Butler, Dec. 2004

Maisonneuve (Montreal): Corpus Delecti Media, morality and Vancouver’s missing women; Melora Koepke, Nov. 15, 2013

Quill & Quire (Toronto): Heroines by Lincoln Clarkes; Nick Gamble, Feb. 2003

Capture Photography Festival (Vancouver): An Evolutionary Look into Vancouver Street Photography Jan. 10, 2013 – Jan. 31, 2014

IMDB Lincoln Clarkes

Memory BC: Lincoln Clarkes – fonds

Video Links

The Knowledge Network: Snapshot: The Art of Photography II: Lincoln Clarkes

Youtube, Heroines: The Photographic Obsession of Lincoln Clarkes; Documentary by Stan Feingold 2001

Youtube, Shaw TV, The Rush: Interview re: Capture Photog October 9, 2013

CBC News: Arts & Entertainment: Glamour of bicycles: Lincoln Clarkes on his new book Cyclists