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Great to revisit your site. Love the new Toronto work.

Hope you can make it to the launch of the Photo-cubic Stoop Punks Portrait Tableaux on car-free Halloween Sunday, October 31 from 3:00 to 10:00. Last car-free festival of the year, awesome photo ops, and of course, my humble work. Be there, or be, whatever.

Your fan,



love the content. not in favour of vertical scrolling. is there any other app. for let’s say fanning or cinematic continuity, have you seen h. peppard site?

seriously, in great awe with your work.

accidental browser, ra

Ruggero Racca

Hello. My name is Ruggero Racca and I am a Grade 6 teacher in the Greater Toronto School Board. My students are doing a media unit on youth homelessness, and they would like to use one of your images in a PowerPoint presentation on youth homelessness to the rest of the school. I would be delighted if you allowed them to do so. Please send me an email to let me know if they have your ok on this.

Many thanks,


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