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Hi Lincoln,
Late at night and couldn’t sleep before scrolling through your site. So many powerful shots in here. Don’t really know where to begin.
Are these public comments or for your eyes only?
Hopefully see you tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is now today…


Lincoln! It’s fabulous! I really love the Detroit shots and loads of others too. I have bookmarked this for future viewing. Hey, I will be coming to Van. in Aug. but I hear you may be going to England… When are you going?

Chat soon.



Thanks for these, Lincoln. You have a great (green) eye and humour to boot. It was a bit nostalgic to see this from my Hornby Island perspective which made me realize just how connected I still feel to our city.

Be happy,



All good all the time. eastside gothic resonates. makes me want to get a camera takes some snaps.

Kate Vukelic

An afternoon in Detroit speaks to me with it’s extreme feeling whereas Eastside gothic resembles spiritual redemption following a silent sigh taken from the other side. Side two, two eyes, you see with both just as well. Wonderful work Lincoln.


Lincoln these are beautiful. Just looked through the VFW set, will have a nice long look at the rest tomorrow.

You have such an amazing eye for capturing the irrepressible, irretrievable moment….each photo speaks volumes. Truly an inspiration.

Jose Reyes

Hi Lincoln! Fabulous work! I like all of them. These shots are something that I would expect to see from US Vogue or even Vogue PARIS. Love every single one them. It has depth and meaning. Congratulations!!!

Clodagh O'Connell

i like the name of the site – your photos open our eyes and initiate us into knowledge of a world familiar but unnoticed. granville street series is fantastic.


Hi Lincoln,

I really love your photograph of Noam Chomsky (I first saw it on the cover of “Government in the Future”) and wonder if you have a higher resolution version suitable for printing and framing, or perhaps are willing to sell a print. I don’t have much to offer except a bit of money and my word that I won’t use it for any other purpose. Please let me know.


Just went through some of your albums and they are amazing and poignant – you are capturing life in Vancouver like no-one else. Sorry I was a bit brief on the phone today but Harriet kept nudging me to hurry up and pay the orthodontist!!! Anyway, love your photos.


My first thought was Jesus Fucking Christ, you do nothing but shoot women, surreptiously,

Then I saw the Sat. Night photos. They reminded me of one of the best jobs I ever had: surreptiously photographing people doing tasks, to illustrate English language textbooks, and I couldn’t fault you for doing what you do, even if it is a little creepy. ; o 2nd row, 7th pic over – “Spying on Smokers”. You might like it!


Nice photos, btw. I looked at the Vancouver Fashion 2009, Sat. Night and now, Recent Work – omg. Amazing! : )

Kate V

Lincoln, you have a knack for displaying culture-street, autobiographical. You go on to create illusionary masterpieces beaming with human recklessness and autobiographical depth. It’s filled with vulnerability and sensuality. London 2009


Hi Lincoln,

I met you at the last night of the Cobalt… I’m shooting the film No Fun City. Love your website, your work is incredible. I saw the photograph that you took of me at the Rock For Insite show. It’s beautiful, thanks! I’d love to see any pics that you have from that night at the Cobalt!!! Please!

Kate Vukelic

While remaining true to your practice you are expanding the margins of contemporary photography on, “Saturday Nights.” The images recall an alluring innocence and stunning seduction that continues to remain true to the practice of your work in exploring the beauty of men and women so candidly through a curious perspective. love it!


Beautiful work Lincoln. Great to see what you have been up to lately. There were some shots that I was hoping to see here, maybe I’ll have to come by your studio one day. Until then, all the best, J.


hey Lincoln, been thinkin’ about you off and on for a few months… want to use your photos from downtown eastside in a slideshow for our Talking Stick Festival… 2010 Feb 21-29… where are you? xxx margo kane

Lee Kline

Lucky enough to be standing here beside you as I write this. The background stories behind some of your photos are so intriguing! Thank you for sharing!



hi there!. merry christmas!. i just wanna ask if you still have our pictures taken here in toronto, this december 18,2009. that was friday though. I hope you still remember me.when we were in the subaway and we were like almost ten people…and you took us a picture in the escalator too :). and you gave me your site. but ..i couldn’t find it here. pls send it to meh on my yahoomail. [email protected]
thank you very much.. happy holidays.. ;P

Flagger on hastings

love the site! very powerful pictures, each one has its own story – curious to see how my shot looks like after seeing all these amazing pictures!

p.s I was the flag person on hastings street leaning on the roadclosed

Marnie (alias Natasha Smith)

I love the synchronicity of bumping into you. I love clean websites! Perfection.

I am all about “Tree Dog”. It’s as if you create the moments by just looking for them.

According to an eccentric old woman that I met, most people who report being abducted by aliens have green eyes? I look forward to some shots of an alien craft.

Be very well…your voice (eye?) is a powerful one.

gallery girl

love. love. love your website . you really know how to evoke
questions with your photos. I ‘am using a couple of your
photos in my holloween window this year.
my collection of your work just keeps growing, I love it.


Hi Lincoln
Thanks for the lovely eye candy…so much beauty in the world, thanks for sharing.
All the best to you on your holiday and for next year. Don’t forget to catch up with me with a visit soon.
XX Joyce


Today, International Women’s Day, I found a copy of your book Heroines in our local book store. It wasn’t until I was looking at it I thought of it being IWD. And then looking at your Burning Man Women section another view of women in our wacky world.
It’s been awhile but your stencil work in the 80s led me to street art. I think I even met you at the New Era or some such place. Time passes and now I find your book and your website. Funny thing, I photographed that same little crack hole in Chinatown in 2004; just found the photo yesterday. I’d no idea what the place was but I had an interesting conversation with some folks there.
Thanks for doing such inspirational work Lincoln.


these are jaw dropping. The unposed ones so revealing and the posed ones feel almost unedited……Looking forward to more from London my home town. Say hello to Erik the Rose


I didn’t forget my passport and I didn’t loose the Lincoln Clarkes photograph. My investment/impulse purchase of a travel wallet paid off!

Alison Nixon

Dear Lincoln,
Thank you so much for permission to use your amazing photographs in our Unitarian Church Service.
The photos are so powerful, without being melodramatic, and speak deeply to the real issues, and the real people who are so impacted by homelessness, poverty, addiction, and mental illness.
A Powerful Testament!
Thank you,
Alison Nixon ( music director of the North Shore Unitarian Church )


I used to work at the East End Food Co-op and one day you came in and complimented “my style” and handed me a signed copy of one of your books, never seen your work before that, and now love it. One of the kindest things anyone has done. Thanks again and please continue making beautiful photos.


“Change the World not the Channel” is still up in my edit Bay. I met you while producing “New Media State” with David H. Your imagery is very powerful and haunting thank god I was reminded via the Doc on Knowledge Network last night…

Adrian Bleasdale

Lincoln your work is so interesting and the titles as well..keep up the great work and good luck!


her name was nicole cope, she was only 34. im 17 and i miss her everyday.


Who knew sharing a test mattress on the danforth would reignite so much feeling for the life I once lived in b.c. Thank-you!


Hi. I have reviewed your photographs and I am completely rattled. I am a bonifide street level crackhead. I used cocaine from June 23 1990 to Jan 22nd 2001. I have been clean for 11 years now . I live in Florida with my american wife and have been succesful for years now.

The photos were so real to me. I have not been down there since . I do recognize one young lady. Her name is Jamie. She is the one with the white sweater and sores on her face and hands.

I have thought many times over the last 11 years since I saw her last if she survived. I wish someone could tell me what happened to her.

I would like to know if you have more photos. If you took some of men I might be in one . If not I still could be in the back ground and would pay you a considerable amount for it. It would be a testament for those who dont think they can make it. I am the real deal. I lived on hastings and stole every day to support my crack habit and have fully recovered.

Please let me know if you have any info or more photos.



Not certain how I came across this site but so glad I did! Great images, especially like the “shot in america, texas” but really they’re all great, the cyclists… anywho

I noticed your shot of the auto parts store in Detroit and noticed the same shot in the movie Detropia, have you seen it? do you know if that storefront was painted for the movie or some other event? or just a distant dream someone decided to grace the front of the building with.



Watching Snapshot on TVO for the umpteenth time, and I’m still captured by you and your photographs. Your truly brilliant and a national treasure.

Paul (Ottawa)

What an amazing collection of tremendously perceptive, honest and caring photos. Wow! Wow.

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