Lincoln Clarkes Photographs: East block, Toronto 2010

East block, Toronto 2010




This photo takes me across the world to the place of deep Eastern Eastern soul.


Mystical old world soul
Your light shines across the Siberian prairie
Radiant and elegant a wondrous northern light!

Lifted out of the hardships of this life,
Smiling with a deep sense of knowing.
Strong as a lioness when needed
Your feminine essence is as soft as the petals of a delicate rose
Colorful and in full bloom,
Blushing sweetly on your tender cheek.

Womanhood has a right to be proud of you!
Generations before have struggled and sacrificed everything.
Feel grateful for their lives!
They created the gift that is you.
Your path is to care and share who you are.
Mother, Sister, Daughter together
Never alone in this life, their spirit is always with you.

Embodied as the gift of love and loyalty
Given only to the rightful honor of a true loving Gentleman
Never settling for less than true love and commitment.
Partnership with you is a prize of a living jewel!
Precious and sacred joined together unified as the One.

Russian Beauty you are the Spirit of Mother Russia!
Bearing children of the Motherland.
Your light will shine on to future generations
Through the gift of creating loving family
Long after no one remembers your name.


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