Lincoln Clarkes Photographs: Chinatown, 127 East Pender St, Vancouver, October 2, 1998

Chinatown, 127 East Pender St, Vancouver, October 2, 1998


July 5th, 2009 by Lincoln Clarkes

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Lee Kline

It’s your incredible sensitivity and ultimate respect for humanity that enables you to take candid shots like this. You’re amazing Lincoln!

Loraine O'Reilly

I believe that you changed these women’s perception of themselves and actualized dignity for them from the amount of time you were permitted within their brief lives. I feel honoured to have been a part of this if even for a few hours.

We learn from the past and you have mapped an extremely precarious and poigniant road that is within the realm of possibility for any one of us to follow. You expect nothing and receive all from your subjects.

A true artist


I passed this woman daily. She had pride and was mindful of the others. Heartbreakingly poignant image. x


Jane. She was really wonderful. I was actually searching to see if you had any photos of me from back then after I had stumbled across these photos. These women were apart of my life for a long time as I stood along side them and survived the streets of East Hastings. I thank you for these photos. Its nice to have something other than my memories to remember them by. 🙂

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