Lincoln Clarkes Photographs: 103 East Hastings St. Vancouver, August 9, 1998

103 East Hastings St. Vancouver, August 9, 1998


July 5th, 2009 by Lincoln Clarkes

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This looks to be April Reoch who was featured in Tears for April. Her body was found in a bag near a dumpster

Just mia

Just surfingonline at pics of hastings, came across this pic saw the lady in it thought wow shes gorgeous, lookslike an actress. R.I.P.

what a waste.


Her name is Naida.She does not look this way anymore…any given day you can see her walking around Commercial Dr. What a waste is right, I hope she snaps out of soon.


I saw a documentary on TVO last night about Lincoln Clarkes. I was mesmerized. I came to this site to see this Heroines series and it’s like looking in the past and seeing what is likely now, in 2014, the after life.


Dolly really is befiutaul. Although gone, a loved one will never be forgotten when each person has a special way ro remember them. These coasters are lovely, but even if I dont win it was enough to see the special way that Nikki will remember Dolly x

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