Lincoln Clarkes Photographs: 1 West Pender, Vancouver, March 19, 1999

1 West Pender, Vancouver, March 19, 1999


July 4th, 2009 by Lincoln Clarkes

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Shannon tucker

Where are these women today? I am the woman in this picture, and know some have past on. Others like myself, have moved on and are on a different journey. I didn’t even know about this book till 2 years ago. I was working in the DTES and some of the women in the building I was a support worker in, were debating back in forth if it was me in the book. I had mixed feeling when I saw the picture. I wish a book could be made as a tribute to all of these women and where they are today, regardless our journeys and where they have led us, these are all our sister, mothers, daughters

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